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About Me

My name is Diogo Alves, I'm a portuguese software developer for about 10 years.

You can check my resume (a.k.a. Curriculum Vitae) on the attachments and try to decode it because it is in Portuguese but you can always check my linkedin public profile,  it's the same information plus there are some recomendations there.

Some pet projects I have worked:

-APOIS: Automatic Point of Interest Search. It's a windows mobile software to get geo-location based on mobile cells. Nuno Ferro presented that project at Codebits II:

-PocketPond: It's a winows mobile sotware to consume the service! Pond.PT is a social network agregator. You can find it here:

-meo|Kinect: Just a fancy prototype to operate an IPTV with Microsoft MediaRoom with a Kinect! (More news online soon!)
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