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Arduino Leonard

Arduino Leonardo

Arduino Leonardo

For those who are unaware,Arduino Leonardo was already lunched and it brings great features. For me one of the best features is the fact that there is no longer a chip just for the USB connection. The microprocessor Atmel’s ATmegaXU4  already has that funcionality embeded and this allowed a reduction on the cust price. Don't be surprised if the arduino Uno stops being produced in a near future.

Besides this there are some more new features like:

-4 more digital pins,
-1 more PWM pin and improved timers,
-1 more analogue pin,
-Some changes on the Serial Comm
-SDA/SCL pin
-Keyboard and Mouse Emulation.

This emulation point is for me a great addition since we can easily use 2 POTS and a button to create a plug and play device to use the mouse pointer on-sceen or another sample would be a datareader that will send the output directly as a keyboard like some barcode scanner do

To see more details about this fantastic new addition to the Arduino family please visit this link:


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