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Another project is already rolling out

A few months ago Nuno Ferro has invited me to collaborate with him in an interesting project.

The main idea is a rental platform for bikes that are spread in a certain location. With the help of some funny devices the user with a card, that should have funds, can take a bike for a ride.

Here is the result.... (this is in portuguese... sorry)


Arduino Leonard

Arduino Leonardo

Arduino Leonardo

For those who are unaware,Arduino Leonardo was already lunched and it brings great features. For me one of the best features is the fact that there is no longer a chip just for the USB connection. The microprocessor Atmel’s ATmegaXU4  already has that funcionality embeded and this allowed a reduction on the cust price. Don't be surprised if the arduino Uno stops being produced in a near future.

Besides this there are some more new features like:

-4 more digital pins,
-1 more PWM pin and improved timers,
-1 more analogue pin,
-Some changes on the Serial Comm
-SDA/SCL pin
-Keyboard and Mouse Emulation.

This emulation point is for me a great addition since we can easily use 2 POTS and a button to create a plug and play device to use the mouse pointer on-sceen or another sample would be a datareader that will send the output directly as a keyboard like some barcode scanner do

To see more details about this fantastic new addition to the Arduino family please visit this link:


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Codebits 2012

Codebits VI

Codebits VI


And here it is! The 2012 Codebits edition is starting to rock and roll!

For those who don't know what Codebits is I will write a little review about it.

Codebits it's an event organized by SAPO.PT and believe me these guys put a lot of effort on this event, and thanks to their work not only the event is free but they provide food and beverages, a nice welcome pack, and a lot of talks and presentation and awesome partners stands.

This is the biggest and geekiest technological event in Portugal and it worth every single minute in there.

This year (for the ones that already know the event) it will be in the same venue but seems like the place will have some big news (they say that the division that was diving the main stage to the rest of the area will be a fancy curtain allowing the people outside the main stage to see what is happening!).

As every year the 24-hour programming contest will be on the run too...

Remember 800 geeks'n freaks can attend to the event via a pre-selection method so be sharp and stay tuned on!


Smart Defrag


During this whole week I was trying to defrag my office's laptop, everyday at night I was trying one more time running the windows disc defragmenter but the results were poor, and the red color was still dominating the graph.

Today I decided to google a little bit about defrag tools and I found this one quite interesting

Smart Defrag 2:

Until now these are the pros and cons about this software

-low resource consumption
-small application
-extremelly fast

-Be carefull when installing it has toolbars and other stuff that asks to be installed!

The usability is simple and there are just few and precise options what turn this software very intuitive.

Smart Defrag allows us to do 3 types of defrag:

-Simple Defragmentation
-Defrag+Optimization (fast)

Basically you can choose the speed of the defrag and it's  eficiency. It's curious because this software analyses your files and directories in order to know which ones are must used and the optimization will move them to the fastest areas of your hard drive.

Also you have the possibility to keep the disc defragmenting in background all the time, and it will not consume too much resources on the machine and also the boot defragmentation that is an option to allow to defrag files that are usually locked by the OS!

From now on, this will be a must have on my computers!

You can download it here.



Codebits 2011 is comming…

The greatest geek-nerd-techy event in Portugal is about to happen!

It's only 2 days untill the codebits start!

Yes! It will have a 48 hours programming challenge
Yes! It will have a geeky quiz
Yes! It will have O'Reilly books
Yes! It will have lot's of food an beverages
Yes! It will have arduinos
Yes! It will have Nuclear Tacos

and NO, there shouldn't be no sleep!

Be Aware!

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