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LMD – Linux Malware Detect


Ifyou're a sys admin on a shared hosting server you know the headaches you have maintaining all you user accounts. This users / customers upload all the kind of junk scripts with exploits and such on their websites and in this way they compromise not only their accounts but the whole server.

R-FX Networks developed a project thinking on this called LMD - Linux Malware Detect.

This is a small piece of software that detects and monitorizes a range of dangerous scripts on your machine. For me, one of the top features is that anyone can contribute to make the database of known threats grow in order to protect us all. To do this, we simply have to report a file that we believe that may be threat and they analyze that later.

The only flaw I found on this project is the false positives it generates, anyway you can also put that false positive files on a list of ignored files so it won't alert you anymore on the same file.

To read more detailed information about this project just go to their official website

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